Our Products


Twin City Roller uses only the most technically advanced compounds from several industry leaders. All meet or exceed quality and field expectations. Most common blends are Nitrile, Silicon, Hypalon, EPDM, Carbox and specialty blends. For printing rollers Twin City Roller offers several compounds of low durometer, high resiliency and great hystersis properties that will ensure a properly performing roller with little or no shrinkage.


An industry standard with excellent wearing properties and ideally suited for low heat applications. Available in a variety of colors and durometers from 20 to 90.


Used primarily in printing presses as a covering for hard distributors and vibrator rollers. Long lasting with no sensitivity issues. Replaces copper coatings and works in all offset presses.


Premier "hard chrome" coatings ideal for water positions. Provides the smoothest surface possible along with tight tolerances for precision applications.


Repair of worn brushes in blanket washers, sheet cleaners, dampeners and in folders along with other industrial applications.



Anilox and coater rollers that are laser engraved to customized depths and angles.